Vol 7, No 5

A Statistical Study of XBLs, RBLs and FSRQs at 1.5 GHz

Ji-Liang Zhou, Jun-Hui Fan, Juan Li, Yi Liu


Abstract BL Lac objects are similar to the flat spectrum radio quasars in many aspects except regarding the emission lines. In order to study their relationship, we selected 56 BL Lacertae objects (33 X-ray-selected, 23 radio-selected) and 45 flat spectrum radio quasars, analyzed their radio luminosities and core-dominance parameters. We found that the radio luminosities of the radio selected BL Lac objects located in between the X-ray selected BL Lac objects and the flat spectrum radio quasars. However, this intermediate position does not hold for the core-dominance parameter: the RBLs have the largest core-dominance parameters. This suggests that the core-dominance parameter can not be taken as a sequencing criterion. We also investigated the correlation between the luminosity and the core-dominance parameter for the three subclasses. We concluded that, here, the sequence XBL–RBL—FSRQ still exists.



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