Vol 7, No 3

Disk-Corona Model in Active Galactic Nuclei: an Observational Test

Fang Yang, Chen Hu, Yan-Mei Chen, Jian-Min Wang


Abstract We compiled a sample of 98 radio-quiet active galactic nuclei observed by ASCA, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL and Swift with the aim of testing the formation of hot corona and the magnetic shear stress operating in a disk-corona system. We found a strong correlation between the hard X-ray luminosity, bolometric luminosity LBol and Eddington luminosity LEdd, in the sense that the fraction f of hard X-ray to the bolometric luminosity is inversely proportional to the Eddington ratio. This correlation favors the shear stress tensor being of the form of tr∝Pgas, with which the disk-corona structure is stable.



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