Vol 7, No 3

The Multi-Wavelength Quasar Survey III. Quasars in Field 836

Yu Bai, Yang Chen, Xiang-Tao He, Jiang-Hua Wu, Qing-Kang Li, Richard F. Green, Wolfgang Voges


Abstract This is the third paper in a series connected with our Multiwavelength Quasar Survey. The survey is aimed to provide a quasar sample more complete than any previous survey by using a combined selection technique to reduce selection effects. We present the observational results for the X-ray candidates in field f836. We found 15 X-ray AGNs in this field of which eight are new discoveries. The X-ray data and optical spectra of these AGNs are given. We give the X-ray candidate selection criteria, which proved to be highly efficient in isolating X-ray AGNs.



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