Vol 7, No 3

Pulsation and Long-Term Variability of the High-Amplitude δ Scuti Star AD Canis Minoris

Pongsak Khokhuntod, Jian-Ning Fu, Chayan Boonyarak, Kanokwan Marak, Li Chen, Shi-Yang Jiang


Abstract Time-series photometry was made for the large-amplitude δ Scuti star AD CMi in 2005 and 2006. High-quality photometric data provided in the literature were used to analyze the pulsation of the star, with the derived multiple frequencies fitted to our new data. Besides the dominant frequency and its harmonics, one low frequency (2.27402 c d−1) is discovered, which provides a reasonable interpretation for the long-noticed luminosity variation at the maximum and minimum light. Combining the nine new times of light maxima determined from the new data with the 64 times collected from the literature, we analyzed the long-term variability of AD CMi with the O−C technique. The results provide the updated value of period of 0.122974478 days, and seem to be in favor of the model of combination of the evolutionary effect and light-time effect of a binary system, of which some parameters are hereby deduced.



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