Vol 7, No 3

Relationships between Relative Spectral Lags and Relative Widths of Gamma-ray Bursts

Zhao-Yang Peng, Rui-Jing Lu, Yi-Ping Qin, Bin-Bin Zhang


Abstract The phenomenon of gamma-ray burst (GRB) spectral lags is very common, but a definitive explanation has not yet been given. From a sample of 82 GRB pulses we find that the spectral lags are correlated with the pulse widths, however, there is no correlation between the relative spectral lags and the relative pulse widths. We suspect that the correlations between spectral lags and pulse widths might be caused by the Lorentz factor of the GRBs concerned. Our analysis on the relative quantities suggests that the intrinsic spectral lag might reflect other aspect of pulses than the aspect associated with the dynamical time of shocks or that associated with the time delay due to the curvature effect.



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