Vol 7, No 2

Cross-Correlation Detection of Point Sources in the WMAP First Year Data

Jian-Yin Nie, Shuang-Nan Zhang


Abstract We apply a Cross-Correlation (CC) method developed previously for detecting gamma-ray point sources to the WMAP first year data by using the Point-Spread Function of WMAP and obtain a full sky CC coefficient map. We find that the CC method is a powerful tool to examine the WMAP foreground residuals which can be further cleaned accordingly. Evident foreground signals are found in the WMAP foreground cleaned maps and the Tegmark cleaned map. In this process 101 point sources are detected, and 26 of them are new sources additional to the originally listed WMAP 208 sources. We estimate the flux of these new sources and verify them by another method. As a result, a revised mask file based on the WMAP first year data is produced by including these new sources.



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