Vol 7, No 2

Distributions of Neutron Exposures in AGB Stars and the Galaxy

Wen-Yuan Cui, Feng-Hua Zhang, Wei-Juan Zhang, Lu Zhang, Bo Zhang


Abstract Based on the s-process nucleosynthesis model with the 13C(α,n)16O reaction occurring under radiative conditions in the interpulse phases, we investigate the characteristics of the distribution of neutron exposure in low-mass Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars. We introduce a new concept, the distribution of neutron exposures of the Galaxy (NEG), to study the chemical evolution characteristics of the Galaxy for s-process elements. Using a chemical evolution model of the Galaxy, we develop a model for the NEG and obtain the evolution results of the NEG in different epochs. The present results appear to reasonably reproduce the distribution of neutron exposures of the solar system (hereafter NES). The main component and the strong component in the NES are built up in different epochs. The strong component of the s-process is mainly synthesised in the low-mass and metal-poor AGB stars, and the main component is produced by the s-process in the low-mass AGB stars with higher metallicities.



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