Vol 7, No 2

Measurements for the Performance of the Digital Autocorrelation Spectrometer

Fa-Chun Lu, Jarken Esimbek, Jian-Jun Zhou, Xing-Wu Zheng


Abstract Injecting phase calibration (PCAL) signals to the feed horn of the observation system and analyzing the output response signals of the spectrometer, we measured the working performance of a 4096-channel digital autocalibration spectrometer. The results demonstrate that the spectrometer has a fine working performance: (1) the channels are distributed uniformly in the spectrometer; (2) line drift produces little effect on the observation results; (3) spectral resolution shows little changes with observation time. The distribution of the frequency resolution in an 80 MHz bandwidth was measured. A trial observation on the two molecular spectral lines of H2CO and H110α taken with this spectrometer is described.



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