Vol 7, No 2

Maser Emission of Relativistic Electrons Spiralling and Drifting in Curved Magnetic Fields

Jiong Liu, Ye-Fei Yuan, Xiao-Long Deng


Abstract Synchro-curvature radiation describes the emission from a relativistic charged particle which is moving and spiralling in a curved magnetic field. We investigate the maser emission for synchro-curvature radiation including drift of the guiding center of the radiating electron. It is shown that under some conditions the absorption coefficient can be negative, so maser can happen. These conditions are different from those needed for maser emission of curvature radiation including drift of the charged particles. We point out that our results, including the emissivity, can reduce to these of curvature radiation. Previously it was found that synchro-curvature radiation can not generate maser in vacuum, but we argue that synchro-curvature radiation including drift can generate maser even in vacuum. We discuss the possibilities of the potential applications of the synchro-curvature maser in modeling gamma ray bursts and pulsars.



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