Vol 7, No 2

The Historical Re-Brightening and Distance Recheck of SN 1006

Shi-Yang Jiang, Fu-Yuan Zhao


Abstract We presume the re-brightening of SN 1006 in AD 1016 as recorded in the ancient Chinese literature to be true and the re-brightening was caused by the encounter either of photons or the shock wave from the SN outburst with the circumstellar thin envelope materials. Based on these considerations, and combining the observational results on the optical proper motion of the N-W limb and the radio observations of the other parts of the supernova remnant G327.6+14.5, we re-determine the distance to SN 1006. For the photon-encounter model, the average radius of the envelope material would be 10 ly; and for the shock wave-encounter model, the radius would be about 1 ly. We then set up four equations to solve for the distance of the SN, the initial shock speed, the expansion index for two different parts of the supernova remnant, and the real original radius of the thin envelope nebula. It is indicated that only the case of photon-encounter will lead to a reasonable result. We derived a distance of 5074 ly (1.56 kpc), an original shock expansion velocity of 0.071c, an expansion index of 0.72 for the N-W limb of the SNR, and 0.76 for the other parts . We deem that the SNR evolution is still in the stage of reverse shock.



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