Vol 6, No S1

Search for Massive Planets in the Disks of FU Orionis Objects

A. A. Vittone, L. Errico


Abstract FU Orionis systems are young stellar objects undergoing episodes of enhanced luminosity, which are generally ascribed to a sudden increase of mass accretion rate in the surrounding protostellar disk. Models invoking a thermal instability in the disk are able to reproduce many features of the outburst, but cannot explain the rapid rise time-scale observed in some cases. The rapid-rise outbursts can be a natural consequence of the existence of a massive planet formed in the disk. Periodic variations of the Hα line profile observed in FU Ori, the brightest member of FU Orionis class, can be indicative of the presence of a massive planet orbiting in the disk at a distance of ~12R⊙.



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