Vol 6, No S1

Cataclysmic Variables Observed with INTEGRAL

Vojtech Simon, René Hudec, Filip Munz, Jan Strobl


Abstract We discuss selected results of observations of cataclysmic variables (CVs) and related objects by the instruments IBIS (far X-ray and gamma-ray imager) and OMC (Optical Monitoring Camera) onboard INTEGRAL. We concentrate on the analysis of the time behaviour of the intermediate polar (IP) V1223 Sgr, seen simultaneously by IBIS and OMC in a state which we call a shallow low state. We present far X-ray spectra (E up to 60 keV) and the relation between far X-ray and optical flux. We demonstrate the stability of this relation and of the profile of the X-ray spectra during this state over an interval of 400 days. We also present far X-ray observations of some other magnetic CVs and show that the systems with magnetized white dwarf (like polars and IPs) appear to be the most promising CVs for INTEGRAL. We also include the examples of the OMC light curves and show that the outburst and a low state of IX Vel are caused by the mass transfer variations, and not by the thermal instability of the disk.



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