Vol 6, No S1

Magnetars' Giant Flares: the Case of SGR 1806–20

Nanda Rea, GianLuca Israel, Sandro Mereghetti, Andrea Tiengo, Silvia Zane, Roberto Turolla, Luigi Stella


Abstract We report on the properties of the SGR 1806–20's Giant Flare occurred on 2004 December 27th, with particular interest on the pre and post flare intensity/hardness correlated variability. We show that these findings are consistent with the picture of a twisted internal magnetic field which stresses the star solid crust, until the latter is not able anymore to bear the imparted stresses, and finally cracks causing the giant flare (and the observed torsional oscillations). This crustal fracturing is accompanied by a simplification of the external magnetic field with a (partial) untwisting of the magnetosphere.



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