Vol 6, No S1

Study of Two BeppoSAX Observations of GX 340+0

R. Iaria, G. Lavagetto, Salvo T. Di., A. D'Ai', L. Burderi, L. Stella, N. R. Robba


Abstract We present the results of two BeppoSAX broad band (0.1–200 keV) observations of the Z-source GX 340+0 comparing our results to those of a previous observation of the source. From the color–color diagram we selected three zones and extracted the source energy spectrum from each zone. We find that the model, composed by a blackbody plus a Comptonized component, absorbed by an equivalent hydrogen column of ~6×1022 cm−2, well fits the spectra in the energy range below 30 keV. At higher energies a power law component with photon index of 2.5 is observed. The associated flux decreases going from the horizontal branch to the flaring branch of the Z-track.



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