Vol 6, No S1

Microquasars: What do radio and X-ray observations tell us?

Diana C. Hannikainen, Kinwah Wu, Jason A. Stevens, Osmi Vilhu, Jérôme Rodriguez, Linnea Hjalmarsdotter, Richard W. Hunstead


Abstract Microquasars, or X-ray binaries exhibiting radio jets, have been observed extensively at all wavelengths for the past decade or so. Primarily, they have been observed in the X-ray regimes and the radio. In this paper we review the radio and the X-ray behavior of the first two superluminal microquasars, GRS 1915+105 and GRO J1655-40. We show how GRO J1665-40 really does behave like a ``micro''-quasar based on the similarity of the radio properties between the source and quasars, and we also show some recent X-ray/γ-ray results obtained with INTEGRAL and RXTE on the notorious microquasar, GRS 1915+105.



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