Vol 6, No S1

All the Astrophysical Jet Sources: Driven by Mono-energetic e± Beams?

Wolfgang Kundt


Abstract Gopal Krishna and I are now considering E × B-drifting jets since some 25 years, and are still convinced that they form the only consistent description of the huge body of observations. New is our 2004 tightening that (all) the jets consist of mono-energetic flows of extremely relativistic electron-positron pairs, of bulk Lorentz factor γ 104, moving in equipartition with their frozen-in magnetic and electric fields. Whenever their supersonic propagation gets blocked by some (heavy) obstacle, their frozen-in Poynting flux converts the delta-shaped particle-energy distribution into an almost white (in power) power law: E2NE ~ E− with 0.



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