Vol 6, No S1

The X-shooter Spectrograph: A Second Generation Instrument for the VLT

Stefano Covino, Filippo Maria Zerbi, Roberto Pallavicini, Paolo Conconi, Rosario Cosentino, Vincenzo De Caprio, Antonio De Ugarte Postigo, Paolo Di Marcantonio, Marco Riva, Paolo Santin, Paolo Spanó, A. Zacchei


Abstract X-shooter is a spectrograph designed to feed the Cassegrain focus of the VLT. It may cover in a single exposure the spectral range from the UV to the H band with possible extension to the K band. The instrument is constituted by three arms, blue, visible and near-infarred, with optimized optics, coatings, dispersive elements and detectors. It operates at intermediate resolution (R = 4000−14 000), sufficient to address quantitatively a vast number of astrophysical applications. Approved as second generation instrument for the VLT, X-shooter is expected to be available to the community in the first part of the year 2008.



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