Vol 6, No 2

The Gyrosynchrotron Radiation Spectrum in a Nonuniform Source

Ai-Hua Zhou


Abstract Effects of the energy spectral index δ, low energy cutoff E0 and number density N of energetic electrons on gyrosynchrotron spectrum are investigated for a model source with a nonuniform magnetic field. It is found that the flux density Sν of the x-mode and o-mode systematically increase with increasing E0, N and with decreasing δ. The peak frequency of the spectrum, νp, also systematically increases as increasing E0 and N, but it may not depend on δ. The gyrosynchrotron radiation in the nonuniform case is polarized predominately in the x-mode at ν≥3 GHz. A sense reversal of circular polarization also occurs but at much lower frequencies (ν≤3 GHz). The reversal frequency also increases with increasing E0 and N, but it perhaps is independent of δ.



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