Vol 4, No 6

Timescale Analysis of Spectral Lags

Ti-Pei Li, Jin-Lu Qu, Hua Feng, Li-Ming Song, Guo-Qiang Ding, Li Chen


Abstract A technique for timescale analysis of spectral lags performed directly in the time domain is developed. Simulation studies are made to compare the time domain technique with the Fourier frequency analysis for spectral time lags. The time domain technique is applied to studying rapid variabilities of X-ray binaries and γ-ray bursts. The results indicate that in comparison with the Fourier analysis the timescale analysis technique is more powerful for the study of spectral lags in rapid variabilities on short time scales and short duration flaring phenomena.


Keywords methods: data analysis -- binaries: general -- X-rays: stars -- gamma rays: bursts -- X-rays: bursts

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