Vol 2, No 5

A Remark on Using Gravitational Lensing Probability as a Probe of the Central Regions of CDM Halos

Yun Li


Abstract We calculate the gravitational lensing probabilities by cold dark matter (CDM) halos with different density profiles, and compare them with current observations from the Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey (CLASS) and the Jodrell-Bank VLA Astrometric Survey (JVAS). We find that the lensing probability is dramatically sensitive to the clumping of the dark matter, or quantitatively, the concentration parameter. We also find that our predicted lensing probabilities in most cases show inconsistency with the observations. It is argued that high lensing probability may not be an effective tool for probing the statistical properties of inner structures of dark matter halos.


Keywords cosmology: dark matter --- gravitational lensing --- cosmology: theory --- galaxies: halos

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