Vol 2, No 5

Comparisons of Infrared Colors and Emission-line Intensities between Two types of Seyfert~2 Galaxies

Lin-Peng Cheng, Yong-Heng Zhao, Jian-Yan Wei


Abstract We study the relation between the infrared colors, [OIII] emission lines, gaseous absorbing column density (NH),and the detectability of the polarized (hidden) broad-line region (HBLR) in a large sample of 75 Seyfert 2 galaxies (Sy2s). From the indicators of star-formation activity, f60/f100 and LFIR/LB, we find some evidence that the Sy2s without HBLR show higher star-formation activities than those with HBLR, in agreement with previous prediction. Also, we confirm that the HBLR Sy2s tend to have a larger luminosity ratio of the core to the host galaxy, suggesting that the HBLR Sy2s display more powerful AGN activity. However, the level of obscuration found in previous papers is nearly indistinguishable between the two types of Sy2s. The results support the statement that the non-HBLR Sy2s, with a weaker core component and a stronger star-formation activity component, are intrinsically different from the HBLR Sy2s, which are Sy1 systems with a hidden powerful AGN core and a low star-formation activity. The indications are that the non-HBLR Sy2s might be at an earlier evolutionary phase than the HBLR Sy2s.


Keywords galaxies: active --- galaxies: Seyfert --- polarization --- star formation

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