Vol 2, No 5

Information from the Kinematics of F and G Stars in the Solar Neighborhood

Yu-Qin Chen, Gang Zhao, Jian-Rong Shi


Abstract We have calculated the orbital parameters for 90 stars in Chen et al. and updated the kinematic data for stars in Edvardsson et al. by using the accurate Hipparcos parallaxes and proper motions, and recalculated the α-element abundances in Edvardsson et al. in a way consistent with Chen et al. The two sets of data are combined in a study of stellar populations and characteristics of F & G stars in the solar neighborhood. We confirm the result of Chen et al. that a distinguishable group of stars may belong to the thick disk rather than the thin disk. The ages for the stars are determined using the theoretical isochrones of VandenBerg et al. The age-metallicity relation is investigated for different subgroups according to distance from the sun and galactic orbital parameters. It is found that a mixing of stars with different orbital parameters significantly affect the age-metallicity relation for the disk. Stars with orbits confined to the solar circle all have metallicities [Fe/H]> ;–0.3 irrespective of their distances from the sun or from the Galactic plane.


Keywords stars: kinematics --- Galaxy: evolution --- Galaxy: solar neighborhood

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