Vol 2, No 5

The Radial Structure of Pulsar Radio Emission Regions

Xin-Ji Wu, Zhan-Kui Huang, Xuan-Bin Xu


Abstract An important parameter in the study of the radial structure of the pulsar radio emission region is the altitude of the emission, but this cannot be derived directly from the observations. The altitude can be expressed as a function of frequency, ; rν ∝ ν-ξ, and the method of K analysis can be used to calculate the power law index ξ for 18 pulsars observed at two frequencies, 610 MHz and 1408 MHz and for three pulsars observed at three or more frequencies. The average value of ξ is 0.27, which indicates that the emission altitude increases with decreasing frequency and that the radial structure is compact.


Keywords stars: pulsars

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