Vol 2, No 5

New Variable Stars Discovered as By-product of the Beijing Astronomical Observatory Supernova Survey

Min-Zhi Kong, Yu-Lei Qiu, Chuan-Jian Shen, Jin-Song Deng, Bo Zhang, Jing-Yao Hu


Abstract The Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO) 0.6 m telescope has been used for nearby supernova survey in more than 3000 fields, covering a total area of 235 deg2. More than 260000 CCD images have been collected since April 1996, with 45 supernovae discovered. We searched for variables in about 90000 images taken during 1996--1998. For the fields in which long period variables (LPVs) were discovered, we reduced further images taken from 1999 to 2000, for the period estimation. Among the 280000 stars selected from the survey fields, i.e., brighter than 18 mag, we discovered seven new LPVs and reconfirmed three known LPVs. Additionally, we found 146 variable star candidates, and reconfirmed about 20 previously known or suspected objects.


Keywords stars: variables --- supernovae --- surveys

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