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Peer Review Policy

Posted: Mar 21, 2022

Manuscripts submitted to RAA will reviewed by a single-reviewer who takes responsibility for evaluating the scientific veracity, clarity, and significance of the results presented.

Conflict of interest
Individuals who are asked to review a paper should contacted us if you are:

* a co-worker or collaborator with one of the authors
* in direct competition with the authors
* in a position which prevents you from giving an objective opinion of the work.

the editor will select an alternative reviewer then.

We recognize the importance of highlighting articles that contain the most interesting, important or significant research. Peer reviewers are asked to indicate which articles they consider to be especially interesting or significant. These articles will be given greater prominence within RAA and greater external publicity.

Referee reports

Referee reports are sent to the authors. You should bear this in mind when preparing your report.

The identity of referees is strictly confidential, except in cases where referees waive their anonymity with the concurrence of the editor, all RAA peer reviews are conducted under conditions of strict confidentiality.

We also ask that you do not discuss the papers you have reviewed with colleagues unless they have been published.

Peer reviewer will have four possible options, for each article:
1. accept without revision
2. accept after revision without expecting to check those revisions
3. neither accept nor reject until author(s) make revisions and resubmit
4. reject because scientifically unsound

Peer reviewers are asked to say if the article is not sufficiently clearly written for publication. In such cases authors are asked to revise the article, seeking, if necessary, the assistance of colleagues or a commercial editing service.

Revised Papers

When authors make revisions to their article in response to the referee's comments they are asked to submit a list of changes and any replies for transmission to the referees. The revised version is returned to the referees who is then asked whether the revisions have been carried out satisfactorily. If the referee remain dissatisfied, the Paper can be referred to the Editorial Board of RAA for further consideration.

We aim to publish research as quickly as possible. Our electronic submission process is designed to expedite publication.