Scientific Editors

Prof. Jun Cui

Source: 李向华 Posted: Feb 06, 2023

Biographical sketch

Jun Cui got his bachelor's degree from the Department of Physics, Beijing University and the PhD degree from the Department of Astronomy, University of Arizona. After working as a postdoc at the Imperial College London and a research associate at the National Astronomical Observatory and Nanjing University in China, he joined the Sun Yat-Sen University and is now the head of the Department of Space and Planetary Sciences. He has been extensively involved in several planetary missions such as the Cassini-Huygens mission and China's first lunar and Mars missions, with about 200 peer-reviewed journal papers. He has mentored more than 20 graduate students and more than 10 postdocs. He is also the director of the Planetary Physics Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Union, a counselor at Macau’s Science and Technology Development Fund, and an associate editor at JGR-Planets, among others.

Research Interests

Jun Cui's main research interests include planetary atmospheres and space environments.