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Prof. Yongtian Zhu

Posted: Mar 21, 2022

Biographical sketch

  • Research Experience
      • Professor, NIAOT, 2000 to present
      • Senior Engineer, NAIRC, 1995 to 1999
                  • Optic-mechanic engineer, NAIRC, 1989 to 1994
  • Key Achievements
      • Participated in the first High Resolution Spectrograph for 2.16-meter telescope; infrared imaging spectrograph of the China-Brazil Earth Resource satellite; PI of the focal plane instrument of LAMOST, successfully developed 16 low-resolution multi-object fibre spectrograph; PI of the Major International (Regional) Joint Research Project of NSFC, Astronomical Union Funds Major Program of NSFC, Beyond The Horizons supported by John Templeton Foundation; has published over 40 papers (SCI/EI).
  • Honors:

Yongtian’s current interests include: critical technique in the detection of exoplanets with Radial velocity and direct imaging approaches, development of astronomical spectrographs and adaptive optics for high-resolution imaging, critical technique for Antarctic telescopes & instrumentation.

  • Astronomical Spectra and High-resolution Image Technique & Instrumentation
  • Extra-solar Planets Detection Technique & Instrumentation
  • Extreme large telescopes: technique and instrumentation
  • Astronomical techniques in extreme environment