Vol 24, No 6

Study of 26 Galactic Open Clusters with Extended Main-sequence Turnoffs

Yang-Yang Deng and Zhong-Mu Li


Recent studies indicate that some Galactic open clusters (OCs) exhibit extended main-sequence turnoff (eMSTO) in their color–magnitude diagrams (CMDs). However, the number of Galactic OCs with eMSTO structures detected so far is limited, and the reasons for their formation are still unclear. This work identifies 26 Galactic OCs with undiscovered eMSTOs and investigates the causes of these features. Stellar population types and fundamental parameters of cluster samples are acquired using CMD fitting methods. Among them, the results of 11 OCs are reliable as the observed CMDs are well-reproduced. We propose the crucial role of stellar binarity and confirm the importance of stellar rotation in reproducing eMSTO morphologies. The results also show that the impact of age spread is important, as it can adequately explain the structure of young OCs and fit the observed CMDs of intermediate-age OCs better.


Key words: (stars:) binaries: general – Galaxy: fundamental parameters – (Galaxy:) open clusters and associations: general – (stars:) Hertzsprung-Russell and C-M-diagrams

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