Vol 24, No 6

Dynamical Dark Energy in Light of Cosmic Distance Measurements. I. A Demonstration Using Simulated Datasets

Gan Gu, Xiaoma Wang, Xiaoyong Mu, Shuo Yuan and Gong-Bo Zhao


We develop methods to extract key dark energy information from cosmic distance measurements including the BAO scales and supernova (SN) luminosity distances. Demonstrated using simulated data sets of the complete DESI, LSST and Roman surveys designed for BAO and SN distance measurements, we show that using our method, the dynamical behavior of the energy, pressure, equation of state (with its time derivative) of dark energy and the cosmic deceleration function can all be accurately recovered from high-quality data, which allows for robust diagnostic tests for dark energy models.


Key words: (cosmology:) dark energy – (cosmology:) large-scale structure of universe – (cosmology:) cosmic background radiation – (cosmology:) cosmological parameters

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