Vol 23, No 11

An Exposure Meter of Lijiang Fiber-fed High-Resolution Spectrograph

Xiao-Guang Yu, Kai-Fan Ji, Xi-Liang Zhang, Liang Chang, Yun-Fang Cai, Ying Qin and Zhen-Hong Shang


In 2016, an exposure meter was installed on the Lijiang Fiber-fed High-Resolution Spectrograph to monitor the coupling of starlight to the science fiber during observations. Based on it, we investigated a method to estimate the exposure flux of the CCD in real time by using the counts of the photomultiplier tubes (PMT) of the exposure meter, and developed a piece of software to optimize the control of the exposure time. First, by using flat-field lamp observations, we determined that there is a linear and proportional relationship between the total counts of the PMT and the exposure flux of the CCD. Second, using historical observations of different spectral types, the corresponding relational conversion factors were determined and obtained separately. Third, the method was validated using actual observation data, which showed that all values of the coefficient of determination were greater than 0.92. Finally, software was developed to display the counts of the PMT and the estimated exposure flux of the CCD in real-time during the observation, providing a visual reference for optimizing the exposure time control.


Key words: telescopes – instrumentation: spectrographs – instrumentation: photometers

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