Vol 23, No 11

Modified Masses and Parallaxes of Close Binary Systems: HD 39438

Suhail Masda, Z. T. Yousef, Mashhoor Al-Wardat and Awni Al-Khasawneh


We present the detailed fundamental stellar parameters of the close visual binary system HD 39438 for the first time. We used Al-Wardat's method for analyzing binary and multiple stellar systems. The method implements Kurucz's plane parallel model atmospheres to construct synthetic spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for both components of the system. It then combines the results of the spectroscopic analysis with the photometric analysis and compares them with the observed ones to construct the best synthetic SED for the combined system. The analysis gives the precise fundamental parameters of the individual components of the system. Based on the positions of the components of HD 39438 on the H-R diagram, and evolutionary and isochrone tracks, we found that the system belongs to the main sequence stars with masses of 1.24 and 0.98 solar masses for the components A and B, respectively, and age of 1.995 Gyr for both components. The main result of HD 39438 is new dynamical parallax, which is estimated to be 16.689 ± 0.03 mas.


Key words: methods: analytical – techniques: photometric – (stars:) binaries: visual – techniques: spectroscopic

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