Vol 23, No 11

The AIMS Site Survey

Xing-Ming Bao, Jian Wang, Shuai Jing, Yuan-Yong Deng and Dong-Guang Wang


This paper reports site survey results for the Infrared System for the Accurate Measurement of Solar Magnetic Field, especially in Saishiteng Mountain, Qinghai, China. Since 2017, we have installed a weather station, spectrometers for precipitable water vapor, and Solar Differential Image Motion Monitor, and have carried out observations on weather elements, precipitable water vapor, and daytime seeing conditions for more than one year in almost all candidates. At Mt. Saishiteng, the median value of daytime precipitable water vapor is 5.25 mm and its median value in winter season is 2.1 mm. The median value of the Fried parameter of daytime seeing observation at Saishiteng Mountain is 3.42 cm. Its solar direct radiation data show that solar average observable time is 446 minutes per day and premium time is 401 minutes per day in 2019 August.


Key words: site testing – atmospheric effects – methods: analytical

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