Vol 23, No 1

Micro-vibration Modeling and Verification of Shutter Mechanism of Survey Space Telescope

Tong-Lei Jiang, Li-Hua Wen, Hu Zhan, Bo Wang and Yong-Chao Yang


The scientific research mission of the Survey Space Telescope (also known as the China Space Station Telescope, CSST) imposes rigorous requirements on the observation precision. However, microvibrations generated by the shutter mechanism can seriously affect the performance of the highly precise and sensitive instruments onboard. This study presents a dynamic model and verifies its performance using experimental results. Indeed, a five-degree-of-freedom nonlinear dynamic model that considers all interference sources and bearing nonlinearity is established. The validity of the proposed model is verified using experimental measurements of the microvibration characteristics. The obtained results proved that the proposed dynamic model can accurately predict the characteristics of the microvibrations caused by the shutter mechanism in the design stage and provide a theoretical basis for the development of CSST.


Key words: telescopes – surveys – methods: numerical – methods: analytical

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