Vol 23, No 1

Contributions of Rotation, Expansion and Line Broadening to the Morphology and Kinematics of the Inner CSE of Oxygen-rich AGB Star R Hya

Pham Tuyet Nhung, Do Thi Hoai, Pierre Darriulat, Pham Ngoc Diep, Nguyen Bich Ngoc, Tran Thi Thai and Pham Tuan-Anh


We use archival ALMA observations of the CO(2–1) and SiO(5–4) molecular line emissions of AGB star R Hya to illustrate the relative contributions of rotation, expansion and line broadening to the morphology and kinematics of the circumstellar envelope (CSE) within some ∼70 au (∼0."5) from the centre of the star. We give evidence for rotation and important line broadening to dominate the inner region, within ∼14 au (∼100 mas) from the centre of the star. The former is about an axis that projects a few degrees west of north and has a projected rotation velocity of a few km s−1. The latter occurs within some 7–14 au (50–100 mas) from the centre of the star, with the line width reaching two to three times its value outside this region. We suggest that it is caused by shocks induced by stellar pulsations and convective cell granulation. We show the importance of properly accounting for the observed line broadening when discussing rotation and evaluating the radial dependence of the rotation velocity.


stars: AGB and post-AGB – (stars:) circumstellar matter – radio lines: stars

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