Vol 21, No 9

A novel Doppler frequency measurement method based on the closed-loop signal correlation for deep space exploration

Tao Deng, Mao-Li Ma, Qing-Bao He, Qing-Hui Liu, Ya-Jun Wu, Xin Zheng


Abstract t In deep space exploration, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of frequency measurement to meet the requirements of precise orbit determination and various scientific studies. A phase detector is one of the key modules that restricts the tracking performance of phase-locked loop (PLL). Based on the phase relationship between adjacent signals in the time domain, a novel phase detector is presented to replace the arctangent phase detector. The new PLL, which is a closed loop signal correlation algorithm, shows good performance in tracking signals with high precision and the tracking accuracy of frequency of 1 second integration is close to Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) when setting proper parameters. Actual data processing results further illustrate the excellent performance of the novel PLL.


Keywords Doppler measurement: Cramer-Rao lower bound — carrier tracking: phase locked loop — signal correlation

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