Vol 21, No 6

A study on universal observation control system and its application for LAMOST

Zheng Wang, Yuan Tian, Jian Li, Zi-Huang Cao, Yong-Heng Zhao


Abstract The observatory control system (OCS), a part of automated control of Large Sky Area MultiObject Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST), runs on the CentOS6 platform and implements the communication between modules based on Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). However, CORBA is complicated and has limited development support; moreover, the official support for CentOS6 has ended. OCS inherently has some shortcomings such as the over-concentration of control and the blocking of device status processing, which hinder the realization of automated observation control of LAMOST. Therefore, this study designs and implements a universal observation control system (UOCS) for optical telescopes. The UOCS takes the device command as the basic execution unit, controls the device execution logic using observation script, controls the observation logic by event-driven messaging, and realizes mutual decoupling between modules via a distributed control mode, thereby ensuring high system robustness. The UOCS performs significantly better than OCS in terms of the observation performance, operator complexity, and communication error. Currently, UOCS is applied to the automated control of some devices and subsystems in LAMOST observation. It will be applied to the automated observation control of Multi-channel Photometric Survey Telescope by 2021.


Keywords telescopes — techniques: miscellaneous — methods: observational — instrumentation: miscellaneous

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