Vol 21, No 2

Discovery of Four New Clusters in the Cygnus Cloud

Song-Mei Qin, Jing Li, Li Chen, Jing Zhong


Abstract We report the discovery of four new open clusters (named QC 1, QC 2, QC 3 and QC 4) in the direction of Cygnus Cloud and select their members based on five astrometric parameters (\(l, b, \varpi, \mu_{\alpha}^{*}, \mu_{\delta}\)) of Gaia DR2. We also derive their astrophysical parameters for each new cluster. Structure parameters are generated by fitting the radial density distribution with a King’s profile. Using solar metallicity, we performed isochrone-fitting on their purified color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) to derive the age of the clusters. The known cluster NGC 7062 in an adjacent area is chosen to verify our identification process. The estimated distance, reddening and age of NGC 7062 are in good agreement with the literature.


Keywords Galaxy: open clusters and associations — stars: kinematics and dynamics — methods: data analysis

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