Vol 21, No 12

Fabrication of large UV transmission blazed gratings for slitless spectral sky survey

Zhi-Wen Chen, Mao-Qi Cai, Ke-Qiang Qiu, Ya-Nan Wang, Huo-Yao Chen, Zheng-Kun Liu, Ying Liu, Yi-Lin Hong, Hai-Jiao Jiang, Zhong-Wen Hu


Abstract Slitless spectral sky survey is a critical direction of international astronomical research. Compared with ground-based sky survey, space-based sky survey can achieve full-band observation, and its imaging quality and resolution capability are restricted by the efficiency and size of dispersive elements. Transmission blazed gratings are often used as the dispersive elements in the UV band. Holographic interference lithography produces the photoresist mask of a grating, and the ion beam etching vertically transfers the pattern to the substrate to form the SiO2 mask of a grating. To reduce the effect of ion beam divergence on the uniformity of the groove shape, the grating mask is etched tilted by the ion beam passing through a narrow slit to obtain a blazed grating with consistent structural parameters. Moreover, twodimensional scanning of the sample stage enables the etching of large-size samples. A UV transmission blazed grating with a linear density of 333 lines mm−1, a blazing angle of 11.8°, and a dimension of 99.2 mm × 60.0 mm × 6.0 mm was successfully fabricated with an average diffraction efficiency of 66%, a PV diffraction wavefront of 0.169λ (λ=632.8 nm) and low stray light.


Keywords instrumentation: spectrographs — methods: data analysis — techniques: interferometric

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