Vol 21, No 12

Charged stellar model with three layers

Avirt S. Lighuda, Jefta M. Sunzu, Sunil D. Maharaj, Eunice W. Mureithi


Abstract We establish new charged stellar models from the Einstein-Maxwell field equations for relativistic superdense objects outfitted with three layers. The core layer is described by a linear equation of state (EoS) describing quark matter, while the intermediate layer is described by a Bose-Einstein condensate EoS for Bose-Einstein condensate matter and the envelope layers satisfying a quadratic EoS for the neutron fluid. We have specified a new choice of the electric field and one of the metric potentials. It is interesting to note that the choice of electric field in this model can be set to vanish and we can regain earlier neutral models. Plots generated depict that the matter variables, gravitational potentials and other physical conditions are consistent with astrophysical studies. The interior layers and exterior boundary are also matched.


Keywords charged anisotropic — stars: equations of state: layered — interior

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