Vol 20, No 8

Age and chemical composition of the globular cluster NGC 6652

Margarita Eugene Sharina, Viacheslav Vladimirovich Shimansky


Abstract We present the results of determination of the age, helium mass fraction (Y), metallicity ([Fe/H]), and abundances of the elements C, N, O, Na, Mg, Ca, Ti, C and Mn for the Galactic globular cluster NGC 6652. We use its medium-resolution integrated-light spectrum from the library of Schiavon and our population synthesis method to fulfill this task. We select the evolutionary isochrone and stellar mass function for our analysis, which provide the best approximation to the shapes and intensities of the observed Balmer line profiles. The determined elemental abundances, age and metallicity are characteristic of stellar populations in the Galactic Bulge.


Keywords globular clusters: general — globular clusters: abundances — globular clusters: individual: NGC 6652

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