Vol 20, No 3

The Coude Echelle Spectrograph for the Lijiang 1.8 m telescope

Xiao-Li Wang, Liang Chang, Lei Wang, Hang-Xin Ji, Hao Xian, Zhen Tang, Yu-Xin Xin, Chuan-Jun Wang, Shou-Sheng He, Ju-Jia Zhang, Bao-Li Lun, Kai Wei, Xi-Qi Li, Xiao-Jun Jiang, Hui-Juan Wang, Hong-Bin Li, Ji-Rong Mao


Abstract The Coude Echelle Spectrograph (CES) was originally mounted on Xinglong 2.16 m telescope in 1994. When the High Resolution Fiber-fed Spectrograph (HRS) was commissioned at Xinglong 2.16 m telescope, the red path of CES was moved to Lijiang 1.8 m telescope, following some redesign and reinstallation. The CES of Lijiang 1.8 m telescope has the spectral resolution (R = λ/∆λ) ranging from 20000 to 50000 corresponding to different slit widths. With a 2k×2k PI CCD, CES has a wavelength coverage between 570 nm to 1030 nm. In particular, the resolution of 37000 at 0.5 mm slit corresponds to 1.3′′ on the sky. The limiting magnitude is V = 11.5 with the use of the tip-tilt feedback system, and the S/N is about 40 for 1 hour exposure at 600 nm (R = 37000). During the installation of CES, the tip-tilt mirror technology had successfully fulfilled high precision guiding and tracking for high resolution spectral observation and significantly improved the observation efficiency.


Keywords Instrumentation: spectrographs — methods: observational — techniques: spectroscopic

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