Vol 20, No 3

Effect of magnetic flux advection on the dynamics of shock in accretion flow around a rotating black hole

Biplob Sarkar, Anjali Rao


Abstract We investigate the dynamical behavior of a magnetized, dissipative accretion flow around a rapidly rotating black hole. We solve the magnetohydrodynamic equations and calculate the transonic accretion solutions which may contain discontinuous shock transitions. We investigate the effect of ζ−parameter (parametrizing the radial variation of the toroidal magnetic flux advection rate) on the dynamical behavior of shocks. For a rapidly rotating black hole and for fixed injection parameters at the outer edge, we show that stationary shocks are sustained in the global magnetized accretion solutions for a wide range of ζ and accretion rate (\(\dot{m}\)). To investigate the observational implications, we consider dissipative shocks and estimate the maximum accessible energy from the post-shock corona (PSC) for nine stellar mass black hole candidates. We compare this with the observed radio jet kinetic power reported in the literature, whenever available. We find close agreement between the estimated values from our model and those reported in the literature.


Keywords accretion, accretion discs — magnetohydrodynamics — stars: black holes — shock waves — ISM: jets and outflows

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