Vol 20, No 1

Spatial distributions of sunspot oscillation modes at different temperatures

Zheng-Kai Wang, Song Feng, Lin-Hua Deng, Yao Meng


Abstract Three- and five-minute sunspot oscillations have different spatial distributions in the solar atmospheric layers. The spatial distributions are crucial for revealing the physical origin of sunspot oscillations and to investigate their propagation. In this study, six sunspots observed by Solar Dynamics Observatory/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly were used to obtain the spatial distributions of three- and five-minute oscillations. The fast Fourier transform method is applied to represent the power spectra of oscillation modes. We find that, from the temperature minimum to the lower corona, the powers of the five-minute oscillation exhibit a circle-shape distribution around its umbra, and the shapes gradually expand with temperature increase. However, the circle-shape disappears and the powers of the oscillations appear to be very disordered in the higher corona. This indicates that the five-minute oscillation can be suppressed in the high-temperature region. For the three-minute oscillations, from the temperature minimum to the high corona, their powers mostly distribute within an umbra, and part of them are located at the coronal fan loop structures. Moreover, those relative higher powers are mostly concentrated in the position of coronal loop footpoints.


Keywords Sun: atmosphere — Sun: sunspots — Sun: oscillations

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