Vol 19, No 9

Time-resolved CCD photometry and time-series analysis of the RR Lyrae type star RR Gem

Virabhadrasinh A. Gohil, Sachchidanand Prakash Bhatnagar


Abstract We present the results of a time-resolved photometric and time-series analysis of an RR Lyrae type star RR Gem. The main results are as follows: we found RR Gem’s pulsation period, 0.39689 d, and its V and I mean magnitudes, 11.277 (V) and 11.063 (I) mag respectively. We confirm its variability type as RRab/BL because it manifests the Blazhko effect, and it also exhibits asymmetric light curves (steep ascending branches), periods from 0.3 to 1.0 d and amplitudes from 0.3 to 2 mag in V. They are fundamental mode pulsators.


Keywords stars: individual: RR Gem — stars: variables: RR Lyr — stars: oscillations — stars: variables: RRAB/BL — stars: variables: Blazhko effect — techniques: photometric

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