Vol 19, No 12

A photometric study of the high-mass-ratio contact binary AV Puppis

Quan-Wang Han, Li-Fang Li, Deng-Kai Jiang


Abstract The multi-color photometric light curves for contact binary AV Puppis (AV Pup) in VRcIc bandpasses are presented and analyzed by using the 2013 version of the Wilson-Devinney (W-D) code. The solutions suggest that AV Pup is a peculiar A-subtype W UMa contact binary with a high mass ratio (q = m2 /m1 = 0.896) and a low fill-out factor (f = 10%). Combining our newly determined times of minimum with those collected from literatures, the orbital period changes of this system are investigated. The O − C analysis indicates that the orbital period of AV Pup is increasing at a rate of dP/dt = 4.83 × 10−7 days yr−1, which can be explained by mass transfer from the less massive component to the more massive one.


Keywords techniques: photometric — stars: magnetic field — stars: individual: AV Pupis

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