Vol 19, No 12

Alignment between satellite and central galaxies in the EAGLE simulation: dependence on the large-scale environments

Ming-Ge Zhang, Yang Wang


Abstract The alignment between satellite and central galaxies serves as a proxy for addressing the issue of galaxy formation and evolution, and has been investigated abundantly in observations and theoretical works. Most scenarios indicate that the satellites preferentially are located along the major axis of their central galaxy. Recent work shows that the strength of alignment signals depends on the large-scale environment in observations. We use the publicly-released data from EAGLE to figure out whether the same effect can be found in the associated hydrodynamic simulation. We found much stronger environmental dependency of alignment signals in the simulation. We also explore change of alignments to address the formation of this effect.


Keywords methods: statistical — methods: theoretical — galaxies: evolution — galaxies: general — cosmology: large-scale structure of Universe

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