Special Issue for Stars and interstellar medium

New variable stars from the photographic archive: semi-automated discoveries, attempts at automatic classification and the new field 104 Her

Sergei V. Antipin, Ignacio Becker, Alexander A. Belinsky, Darya M. Kolesnikova, Karim Pichara, Nikolai N. Samus, Kirill Sokolovsky, Alla V. Zharova, Alexandra M. Zubareva


Abstract Using 172 plates taken with the 40-cm astrograph of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Lomonosov Moscow University) in 1976–1994 and digitized with a resolution of 2400 dpi, we discovered and studied 275 new variable stars. We present the list of our new variables with all necessary information concerning their brightness variations. As in our earlier studies, the new discoveries show a rather large number of high-amplitude Delta Scuti variables, predicting that many stars of this type remain not detected in the whole sky. We also performed automated classification of the newly discovered variable stars based on the Random Forest algorithm. The results of the automated classification were compared to traditional classification and showed that automated classification was possible even with noisy photographic data. However, further improvement of automated techniques is needed, which is especially important when considering the very large numbers of new discoveries expected from all-sky surveys.


Keywords techniques: photometric

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