Special Issue for Stars and interstellar medium

Disks and outflows in the S255IR area of high mass star formation from ALMA observations

Igor Zinchenko, Sheng-Yuan Liu, Yu-Nung Su, Yuan Wang


Abstract We describe the general structure of the well known S255IR high mass star forming region, as revealed by our recent ALMA observations. The data indicate a physical relation exists between the major clumps SMA1 and SMA2. The driving source of the extended high velocity, well collimated bipolar outflow, is not the most pronounced disk-like SMA1 clump harboring a 20 M⊙ young star (S255 NIRS3), as was assumed earlier. Apparently, it is the less evolved SMA2 clump, which drives the outflow and contains a compact rotating structure (probably a disk). At the same time, the SMA1 clump drives another outflow, with a larger opening angle. The molecular line data do not show an outflow from the SMA3 clump (NIRS1), which was suggested by IR studies of this region.


Keywords stars: formation — stars: massive — ISM: clouds — ISM: molecules — ISM: individual (S255IR)

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