Vol 18, No 7

Multiple cycles of magnetic activity in the Sun and Sun-like stars and their evolution

Elena Aleksandrovna Bruevich, Vasily Vladimirovich Bruevich, Boris Pavlovich Artamonov


Abstract The wavelet transform method for high-quality time-frequency analysis is applied to sets of observations of relative sunspot numbers and stellar chromosphere fluxes of 10 Sun-like stars. Wavelet analysis of solar data shows that in a certain interval of time there are several cycles of activity with periods of duration which vary considerably from each other: from quasi-biennial cycles to 100-yr cycles. Cyclic activity was detected in almost all Sun-like stars that we examined, even those that previously were not considered as stars with cyclic activity according to analysis using a Scargle periodogram. The durations of solar and stellar cycles significantly change during the observation period.


Keywords Sun: activity — multiple cycles — Sun-like stars: activity

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