Vol 18, No 7

The Fifth Edition of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars: experiences in the constellation Centaurus

Nikolai N. Samus, Elena N. Pastukhova, Olga V. Durlevich, Elena V. Kazarovets


Abstract We have recently announced that the General Catalogue of Variable Stars enters the stage of its fifth, purely electronic edition (GCVS 5.1). We have included 1408 variable stars in the constellation Centaurus in this new version, GCVS 5.1. Working on this revision, we applied current possibilities from data mining, suggested new variability types for many variable stars and found new light elements for a large number of periodic variables. This paper describes the work completed during the preparation of GCVS 5.1 for Centaurus and discusses in detail a number of the most astrophysically significant cases.


Keywords catalogs — techniques: photometric — stars: variables: general — binaries: eclipsing

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